Green tourism in the summer Carpathians

Village Kosmach

The biggest village in the Carpathian Mountains and in Ukraine. The area is 84,309 km². It was established in 1427. The village has 6054 inhabitants. The village is one of the centers of arts and crafts of Hutsulshchyna. Each year there is the Festival for Easter with folk songs and dances.

Location: 36 km from the Kolomyia city. Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast.

Village Akreshori

Neighboring village near village Kosmach, mountain village of Kosiv district. Area 9 km²

Population density 93.11 persons / km²

Village Sheshory

A resort village in the Carpathian mountains, a picturesque waterfall, restaurants and green tourism hotels. Founded in 1445. Area 0.05 km²