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Six Wonders of Ukraine

Tour date of the agreement. 

In 2008, there was a national effort to identify the 7 most brilliant cultural sites in Ukraine. You’ll have the unique chance on one tour to visit all 7 wonders of Ukraine, which were honorably selected after a two-year discussion and selection process.  So travel with us and you’ll see: 

1. Hotyn Fortress, 2. Kamianets-Podilsk fortress, 3. Uman Park "Sophiyivka”, 4. Khersones,    5. Khortytsia, 6. St Sophia’s Cathedral, 7. Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra.   

The program of the tour: 

Day 1   - Arrival in Chernivtsi. Meeting of the tourists at the airport. - Transportation to Khotyn (68km). - The excursion around the Khotyn fortress - Lunch in a restaurant. - The trip to Kamianets-Podilsky (31km). - Checking to hotel accommodation. - Supper.    The Khotyn Fortress is a fortification complex located on the shores of the Dniester River in Khotyn, Chernivtsi Oblast (province) of western Ukraine. Construction on the current fortress was started in 1325, while major improvements were made in the 1380s and in the 1460s. Kamianets-Podilskyi is a city located on the Smotrych River in western Ukraine, to the north-east of Chernivtsi. Formerly the administrative center of the Khmelnytskyi Oblast (Ukrainian: Хмельницька область, translit. Khmelnyts’ka oblast’), the city is now the administrative center of the Kamianets-Podilskyi Raion (district) within the Khmelnytsky Oblast (province), after the administrative center of the oblast was moved from the city of Kamianets-Podilskyi to the city of Khmelnytskyi in 1941. The city itself is also designated as a separate raion within the oblast. The current estimated population is around 99,068. 

Day 2  -Breakfast. -Transportation to Uman (361 km) -Checking to hotel accommodation. -Walking tour around the landscape Park "Sophievka" -Lunch in a restaurant. -The sightseeing tour around Uman. -Supper.      Park "Sophievka" Uman State Dendrology Park "Sophievka" is a masterpiece of world garden-park art of end XVIII - begin XIX ages. The Park stretched on area 154,7 hectares on fringe of the old-time city Uman of Cherkassy Province. This is a sample of landscape park composition of water, land, architectural buildings and sculptures. Park was founded in 1796 by rich polish magnate Stanislav Schensny Pototsky in honour of Sophia, his beauty-Greek wife, and was presented her at day her name-day at May 1802. The idea of creation of park in romantic stiletto with use of Roman and Greek mythology belonged to most Sophia.   

Day 3  -Breakfast. -The excursion program around Kherson -Lunch during excursion program. -Supper.   The history of Khersones is the part of ancient Greece history, the ancient Rome, Byzantium, the Kyivan Rus. According It is here in the Khersones where the Kyivan Prince Volodymyr was baptized. Due to that he spread Christianity around Rus later. The Khersones area appears to be the exposition of excavated buildings and structures which are referred to the different period of the town life. Greek, Rome and mainly Bizantium. The exposition covers a big area (45 hektars) and gives clear imagination about planning, underwent only slight changes during two millennium existence of Khersones.   

Day 4   -Breakfast. -The trip to Zaporozhye. (442km). -The excursion around the Khortytsya -The hotel accommodation. -Supper.      Khortytsya Zaporizhya and Khortytsya itself are the historical regions where Cossacksdom was born. Khortytsia was the area where Zaporizhyan Sich was founded. Here the Cossacks lived their restless life and it was there where they left for their military marches (campaigns). The hydro-electric power station on the Dnieper. Visiting the museum of the Cossachsdom history. "Khortytsya in the ancient times", "Khortytsya in the Kyivan Russ time”, "The History of Zaporizhian Cossacks” , "The Settling of Zaporizhyan territory. The last battle of Svijatoslav in 972”, "The military Counsel of the Sich”, "The Night attack of the Soviet Troops on the 14-th of Oktober 1949.” The Horse Show for guests with treating "The Cossacks Funs” Kherson  

Day 5  -Breakfast. -The sightseeing tour around Zaporozhye. -Transportation to Kyiv (556km). -Checking to hotel accommodation. -The evening walk around the Central Square of Kyiv – the Independence Square, Khreshchatyk. -Supper.     The evening stroll    

Day 6  -Breakfast. -The excursion around The St Sophia’s Cathedral  -Free time. -The excursion around the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra, visiting close and Distand caves. -Free time. -Supper.     The St Sophia’s Cathedral The capital of Ukraine is fairly called "the Kyivan Rus” founded more than a millennium ago. The St Sophia’s Cathedral – it’s a world – famous monument of architecture – and the monumental painting of XI century. The excursion to St Sophia’s Cathedral. The St. Sophia’s, squary the monument to Bohdan Khmelnytsky. Dinner in the restaurant of a national (cuisy) cuisine. Kyiv-Pechersk Lawra is the state museum complex founded in 1051 by the monks Antony and Feodosy on the caves near the summer prince residence "Berestova” not for from Kyiv. In the 11 century the monastery became the centre of spreading and conformation of christianity in Kyivan Rus. In the 12 century the monastery received the status of Lavra – the main big monastery. The St Sophia’s Cathedral  

Day 8  -Breakfast. -Leaving the rooms. -Coming to the airport.      

Price for person: Euro    $ USA
in double room (DBL) 1 100     1 280
in a single room (SNGL) 1 300     1 520 

The price includes:

- Accommodation for 8 days, 7 nights at the hotel, including breakfast and supper.

- Accompaniment of English language guide and excursion, including admission tickets.

- Euro-class bus on route. 

The price does not include:

- feeding,

- lunch,

- admission tickets for visiting shows and the Horse Show with treating "The Cossacks Funs”.