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Easter Egg Kolomyia 

April, May

Tour rout: Kolomya - Vychoda - Yaremche - Vorokhta - Ivano-Frankivsk - Manyava

Tour Program:

Day 1.  - Meeting of the group by the representative of "Galician travel” on the railway station or near airport, Ivano-Frankivsk. - Moving to the town of Vychoda (Ivano-Frankivsk region). Distance - 70 km. Passage "Carpathian tram".  Carpathian tram lies across unique tour routes in Ukraine to the narrow-gauge railway which is laid along the river Mizunki in the picturesque Carpathian foothills. Width of Narrow gauge - 760 mm, it is almost twice less than the traditional European. The composition of the train is a locomotive that has 12 places for tourists, where you can watch the work of the driver, and 2 cars (coaches) for various tourist tastes: private car with comfortable seats, convertible car, and open platform for photography and joyful rest. On the way the guide tells about the history and grandeur system of narrow gauge railways, their destination (role) and how it was able to reconstruct the last Carpathian railway line with a narrow range. On the route it is foreseen the bus stop near the bridge over the river Mizunki, mineral water spring Goryanka, hanging swamp Shyrkovets, at the station Oak Corner and near the Cascade Falls Mizunskyy. Carpathian tram overcomes four bridges (on the way there are more than thirty of them). Ordered tour to Mindunok station, you can visit the former village of woodcutters from which a rail industrial branches diverge in the mountains in different directions, and watch the manoeuvres of ‘green tram’. - Moving to Kolomyia (Ivano-Frankivsk region.) Distance 130km. Accommodation. Supper. 

Day 2  - Breakfast. - Moving to spring Carpathians. Yaremche-Dovbush rocks-Rohatyn. Resort town of Yaremche - the most popular tourist centre of Ivano-Frankivsk region. Rest in Yaremche sticks in the memory in any season its unusual beauty of nature, clean air. The air is saturated with oxygen - ideal for the treatment of respiratory diseases. So here are several large resorts focusing on treating upper respiratory tract infections in adults and children. Waterfall "Break" - 8 meters height, there is a bridge across a breathtaking landscape of the strong flow of mountain river Prut and near mountains.  Dovbush rocks- a natural monument, which was skilfully used for a long time as a castle by our ancestors. Rocks were formed millions years ago. Now this stone labyrinth is surrounded by beech forest. In X-XVII centuries BC there was a pagan sanctuary. After the spread of Christianity in the Carpathians, in place of the pagan sanctuary, probably arose a small cave monastery- skyt, and soon - Guard Fortress (one of the strongholds with the help of which the Galician prince Yaroslav Osmomysl supported the Hungarian mountains, according to the author of "The Tale of Igor's regiment) which survived the Mongol invasion and existed until the XVI century.  Vorokhta - high-altitude resort, 850 m above the sea level, lies in the upper Prut River, in the Carpathian natural national park. According to the traditions the name comes from the surname of soldier deserter who had settled here in the XVII century. Archaeologists found flint tools indicated that the area had been inhabited before. - Returning to Kolomyia. Supper. 

Day 3  - Breakfast. - The unique Festival ‘Pysanka’ is held a few years already on leading Sunday in Kolomyia. Kolomyia is a cultural and art centre of the Carpathians, where is the only museum of Easter egg painting in the world. Logically, the festival was held here. Festival days join concert programs with participation of people amateur groups of the region where vesnianky and haivky sound, hold Easter games, theatrical scenes, traditional ritual performances, choreographic composition.  There's very interesting to observe the work of talented artists from everywhere, there will also be artisans, sculptors, painters, photographers and you can contemplate on the works of art, and of course you can buy a variety of Easter eggs, gutsul souvenirs and original works of art.  - Tour round Kolomyia. An interesting town with European architecture, rich cultural and historical traditions. The town is considered to be founded by anty in IV-V century AD. At first the town was mentioned in 1241 in Galicia-Volyn chronicles as "profitable town” of Prince Danylo Galician. In the past the town played the role of the trade centre and defence.  Museum Huzulschyna "- a unique collection dedicated to life and traditions of Hutsuls and works of folk artists (craftsmen). Museum "Easter egg" - a collection of Easter eggs, museum’s building is the largest Easter egg in the world. Free time to explore. Supper. 

Day 4  - Breakfast. Leaving the hotel. - Moving to Manyavsky Skit (XV century). Tour of the Monastery in the Carpathian Mountains. "Manyavsky Skit" is an ancient monastery situated in a picturesque mountainous tract near the village Manyava, 17 century. The founder of which is monk Job Knyahynetskyy, the extraction of Athos. Once the monastery was subordinated directly to the Patriarch of Constantinople. - Transfer to Ivano-Frankivsk. Tour round the historical part of the town. Temples of the city. Walking tour round the downtown. Transfer to the station. Departure to Kyiv. 

Price of the tour:

Euro USA
DBL 330 450
SNGL 350

The price includes:

- Transportation services throughout the journey by bus;

- Accommodation in selected hotels (3 nights);

- Food - breakfasts;

- Services of accompanying guide;

- Insurance. 

 The price does not include:

- Moving by train Kyiv - Ivano-Frankivsk train and Ivano-Frankivsk – Kyiv;

- Tickets for travel "Carpathian tram";

- Entrance tickets to museums, monasteries and others excursion objects (3-10hrn);

- fee for elevators.