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Folk Music Festival „Karl, Zita and a united Europa“ With a travel through east Galizia and Bukovina


The travelagncy „Galizia Travel“, the Jodlerklub „Galicia“ and the Culture Department of Kolomia organise a Folk Music Festival: „Karl, Zita and a united Europa“ connected with a trip through east Galizia and Bukovina.

Eastgalizia and Bukovina belong to the Pearls of Ukraine and Europe. Let us show you the fascinating landscapes of the Carpathians and the Vorcarpathian country, the bubbling mountain streams of Prut und Cheremosh, the colourful life of Hutsul people and the Citizens of Pokutta.

You can learn the culture and the moving history, witch closely connected with the nationalities of Ukrainians, Poles, Jews, Romania, Austrians and Germans. They have been living here in peace for centuries.

Eastgalizia and the Bukovina were the Crown Lands of Austro-Hungarian monarchy and played an important political role politische Rolle in Europe. Today this areas belong to the West Ukraine. Up to the present time here are the memories of the "Austrian Times". The imperial couple Karl and Zita lived in 1912 in the East Galician town of Kolomyia, where they felt very comfortable. Memories of a "good old Europe", where European people in peace and understanding lived, are monitored here.

We invite you to Kolomyja to revive the traditions of the various people of Europe in this area.

wappen galizien

Wappen Bukowina

 Day 1.Thursday

15.20 Arrival to Lviv (Lemberg), the cultural center of Eastern Galicia. Reception of tourists at the airport.
17.00 Check into Hotel.
17.30 Tour of the medieval town. Town Hall, Italian courtyard, Latin Cathedral as the pearl of the square, Boim Chapel as a crypt of the rich city dwellers, Armenian Cathedral with the court, Pharmacy Museum, Opera House, one of the finest in Europe.
20.00 Dinner. Free time. Overnight.

Day 2. Friday.    
08.00 Breakfast.
09.00 City tour"Lviv and Habsburg Monarchy". Lytschakiwski- Memorial Cemetery as burial ground of many famous personalities from the history of the monarchy and the Ukraine. The High Castle to be the cradle of Lviv. St. Jura Cathedral as a masterpiece of the Baroque style.
20.00 Dinner. Free time. Overnight   

Day 3. Saturday.
08.00 Breakfast. 09.00 Drive to Kolomyja (Kolomyia) 240 km, in the period of about 5 hours.
11.00 Coffee break in the county town Rogatyn (additional prise).
14.00 Arrival at the hotel "Pysanka" (in German "Osterei") in Kolomyja. Lunch at a cafe-restaurant, original name ("highly praised hut"). Tour: "The Austrian Kolomea" with the settlement "Mariahilf", the Rosegger school dating back to 1910, the old German cemetery and the Church "Mary Help of Christians", which Otto von Habsburg visited in year of 2005. Drive to the old German settlement Baginsberg, now part of the urban area of Kolomea. There once lived German Protestant settlers. Church, "Deutsches Haus", the old German cemetery. In a villa Baginsberg in 1912 the future Emperor Karl lived with his wife Zita, he was the last emperor of the Habsburg Monarchy. Walk through the former Evangelical Street, where previously stood a villa in Baginsberg.
19.00 Entertainment program with dinner in the Guzuhouse "trembita"(Hirtenhorn). Restaurant, which is built in the guzul type. Participants of the Meet present their songs. Overnight at hotel.

Day 4. Sunday.
08.00 Breakfast.
12.00 Folk Music Festival: „Karl, Zita and a united Europa“
The cultural program of the participants in the open air on the square next to the Easter Egg Museum in the center of Kolomyia. Presentation and performance of country music groups that have arrived to the festival.
The festival performances.
Award of the participants of the festival.
18.00 Dinner with folk music groups. Overnight at hotel.

Day 5. Monday.
08.00 Breakfast.
09.00 Walking tour through the historic part of town Kolomea.
Visit the unique museum "The painted Easter egg".
13.00 Lunch in the cafe "highly praised hut".
14.00 Visit the Museum of Hutsul with the rich collection of everyday objects, everyday items and works of art from the Hutsul region. Tour of the Museum of History of the city with the rich collection of historical Kolomea certificates and documents of local history and the exhibition"Austrian Kolomea and Habsburg".
19.00 Dinner at the restaurant "Vivamed". Free time. Overnight stay. 6

Day 6. Tuesday.
Excursion through the resort town Jaremcze with their specific climatic. Continue to the waterfall "Probij" with great souvenir market (with typical woodcarvings from the Carpathians). Drive to Tatariv. Lunch at Hotel "Pazorka" (English "pearls") . (Extra price)
Ride through a landscape particularly charming area of the Carpathians. Drive to Jablunyzjapass (920m) . We pay a visit to the Austrian military cemetery (World War I) in Tatariv. 18.00 Dinner with cultural program in the framework Folk Music Festival: „Karl, Zita and a united Europa“ in restaurant „Pazorka“. Free time. Overnight  

Day 7. Wednesday
Breakfast. Trip to Bukovina, to the historic city of Chernivtsi. Visit to the Chernivtsi University, the former seat of the bishops Bucovina, the building is an attractive architectural monument of the 19th century). Lunch at a local cafe. Continue to the Folklore Museum with the exhibition "Bukovina and the Habsburg Monarchy".
18.00 Culturprogramm of Folk Music Festival: „Karl, Zita and a united Europa“. Hotel check in. Dinner at a restaurant. Free time. Overnight stay.

Day 8.  Thursday.
08.00 Breakfast.
09.00 Uhr Trip to Ivano-Frankovsk (former Stanislau), about 130 km, the road coffee break at the restaurant "Kraj neba" (extra price). Two-hour guided tour. Theodor Zöckler and his charitable institutions. Hotel check in.
Flight to Vienna.

Price of Tour: Euro  
Double 450 EUR  
Single 490 EUR  

Included in the price:

  • 8 days / 7 nights in the hotel, including breakfast and dinner
  • All trips of the tour with a comfortable bus.
  • Tickets to the museums. 
  • Excursions during the trip.
  • German-speaking guides and accompaniment.

The price does not include:

  • Flight prices. 
  • Meals in the cafes and restaurants (lunch, koffe breaks).

Culture Department of Kolomia will overtake the prices: dinner on 10 September and dinner, luch on September 11th.

Berghornisten 2010 Kolomyja Previous Festival of mountain horn (18 July 2010). Here are the pictures tosee through .